Critter Haven Joey




Barn Name:



Long Coat Chihuahua


Red/White Neutered Male

Birth Date:

October 30, 2005




Joey joined us in the summer of 2007 when his previous owners could no longer keep him. He has been a fantastic addition to our four-legged family and it didn't take long for him to fit right in and make himself at home. Joey is extremely outgoing and has not met a person yet that he does not run up to with his tail wagging. Joey sired his first litter of puppies in 2007 with Sadie Mae!

*6/12/2007 - Joey's first litter arrived! 4 long coat puppies: 1st pup (Bruno) - cream & white male, 2nd pup (Spike) - black & white male, 3rd pup (Boston) - brindle & white male and the 4th pup (Remy) - sable & white male.

*6/12/2008 - Joey's second litter arrived! 5 long coat puppies: 1st pup (Kismet) - chocolate & white female, 2nd pup (Mink) – very dark brown & white female, 3rd pup (Sammy) - black & white male, 4th pup (Sable) –sable & white female, and the 5th pup (Pippen) – black, tan, & white male.