Our barn cams stream live year round and will offer you a window into our barn and pastures to view foals being born, to watch the foals grow up, preview donkeys that are for sale or to enjoy watching donkeys interact with one another. On our Barn Cam page, there is a menu on the left side under Cameras. You can click on "+All cameras" to view all of our streaming cams at the same time or click on the individual names to enlarge each cam.

Click here to view our barn cams.

If you see a miniature donkey in trouble or possibly in labor please call 304-617-3515 or 610-998-2873. Please don’t hesitate to call if you think there is a problem. If for some reason I'm unable to answer please leave a message.

Our jennets will be outside during the day, weather permitting, unless I feel that delivery is imminent or I have to leave the farm for an extend period of time. 

"Thank you so much for joining us in our barn and helping us welcome our newest addition.”